The Seven Years War of 1756-1763

Article Index - North America

  1.   A Summary of Scottish Regiments in North America
  2.   Regular Highland Regiments in North America 1756-1763 - Part 1
  3.   Regular Highland Regiments in North America 1756-1763 - Part 2
  4.   Regular Highland Regiments in North America 1756-1763 - Part 3
  5.   Regular Highland Regiments in North America 1756-1763 - Part 4
  6.   An Overview of Highland Regiments during the French and Indian War
  7.   The Kilt in the 42nd Regiment during the French & Indian War
  8.   Highland Chaplaincy in the French & Indian War 1756-1763
  9.   The Oral Histories of Captain Macdonell 78th Fraser's Highlanders
  10.   Register of Highland Officers who served in North America 1756-1767


Article Index - Europe

  1.   The 87th Keith's and 88th Campbell's Highlanders 1759-1763
  2.   The Lineage of the Scottish Fencible Infantry 1759-1763
  3.   The 101st Johnstone's Highlanders 1760-1763
  4.   The 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards - Officer circa. 1763


Article Index - India

  1.   The 89th Morris's Highlanders 1759-1765

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