The American War of Independence 1775-1783

Article Index

  1.    A Summary of Scottish Regiments in North America
  2.   The 84th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highland Emigrants) 1775-1784
  3.   The Kilt in the Royal Highland Emigrants 1775-1784
  4.   Pipe Banner of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Highland Emigrants 1775-1784
  5.   The American War of Lieutenant Colonel Archibald Campbell of Inverneill
  6.   The 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards circa. 1776-1777
  7.   Letter from the 71st Highland Regiment 1776
  8.   Captain William Leslie and Dr Benjamin Rush - Battle of Princeton 1777
  9.   The 76th MacDonald Highlanders 1777-1784
  10.   Scottish Military Dress in the American Revolution

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